Our Fear Free “WHY”

We understand that your pet is more than a pet…they are your family! We believe that every member of our Lakeview Family deserves to have an exceptional veterinary visit, and that starts with our understanding of reducing Fear, Anxiety and Stress in your pets. Our goal is to ensure that your pet receives excellent medical care, but first they have to feel comfortable coming to visit us and utilizing the Fear Free principles can make that a reality for your family!

What does this mean for your pets? Treats! We spoil your furry one and give lots of treats. We encourage pet parents to bring their pet’s favorite treats and bring them hungry. Our team utilizes positive reinforcement and association to motivate your pet! Your pet will soon LOVE coming to see us. Have an anxious or aggressive pet? No problem! We have solutions for your pet before we start our vet visit that have had tremendous success.

WE ARE FEAR FREE! From training every staff member to designing our new clinic with YOUR pet in mind, we are here to serve your family with your most exceptional veterinary visit! Click here to learn more about Fear Free!

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