When your pet needs surgery, you need to know that he’s receiving the highest standard of surgical care from a skilled, experienced Oklahoma City veterinarian. Fortunately, you can put all your worries to rest when your pet is a patient at Lakeview Pet Hospital. Dr. Cramer and Dr. Schmitt can both administer the combination of surgical expertise and compassionate care you require for your best friend.

Types of Veterinary Surgery

While you might automatically associate the term “surgery” with major, life-saving procedures, veterinary surgery actually encompasses a wide range of care, from everyday preventative wellness needs to emergency situations. Here at Lakeview Pet Hospital, we recognize the need to provide this entire range of care for your pet over the course of his life. that’s why we offer such varied types of pet surgery as:

  • TPLO – Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy. A specialized surgery for fixing ruptured ACL/cranial cruciate ligaments.
  • Spaying and Neutering – Spay and neuter surgery is one of the simple and most common categories of veterinary surgery. By removing your pet’s reproductive organs, we can help your pet avoid several kinds of cancer and other serious health challenges, while also preventing the roaming and other dangerous behaviors associated with heat cycles.
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Orthopedic surgery addresses a variety of joint conditions that can severely limit your pet’s functionality and quality of life. We can make repairs to a knee with a ruptured ligament, reconstruct hips damaged by dysplasia, relieve the bone-on-bone friction of severe arthritis and more.
  • Lumpectomy – External lumps on your pet’s body may need to be removed for biopsy, a procedure called a lumpectomy. We can remove these lumps and examine them to see where a malignancy calls for additional treatment.
  • Internal surgery – Internal organ problems, foreign objects in your pet’s body, painful bladder stones and other problems can be treated with internal surgery.
  • Dental/oral surgery – There are times when a pet’s mouth may require surgical treatment. Your Oklahoma City veterinarian can remove oral cancers, repair injuries or extract an infected tooth as needed.
  • Emergency surgery – Veterinary emergencies may include the need for immediate surgery. We can relieve an acute urinary blockage, assist with difficult labor, repair fractures with metal hardware and seal lacerations.

Top-Quality Surgical Care From Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian

You’ll appreciate the scrupulous care and attention your pet receives from your Oklahoma City veterinarian at Lakeview Pet Hospital. We watch over every detail like a hawk, appraise you of the situation, help you choose the right options for your pet, and provide full instructions on post-operative care and monitoring.  No matter how big or small your pet’s surgical need, you’ll know you came to the right veterinary clinic

Schedule Your Pet’s Surgery With Us

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