Even the most dedicated homebody has to hit the road from time to time, whether it’s for an important business conference, a family reunion, a surgical procedure or just a vacation. But for pet owners, the issue is more complex than deciding what clothes to pack. If you’re concerned about how to see to your beloved pet’s needs during your absence, rest assured that Lakeview Pet Hospital has the answer. Our Oklahoma City veterinary center offers safe, comfortable boarding services to help your pet stay healthy and happy until you can be reunited with him.

Why Board Your Pet With Our Veterinarian?

There are many reasons why you should board with us such as:

  • Separation anxiety – Pets need to know that they haven’t been largely abandoned, otherwise they can develop severe separation anxiety. This anxiety may cause them to cry or howl constantly, destroy furniture, or even try to run away.
  • Chronic/ongoing health concerns – Some pets suffer from chronic conditions that call for regular doses of medicine, special diets or constant monitoring — none of which will be on hand in your home while you’re away. Senior pets also require close scrutiny.
  • Sudden medical crises – Even in a healthy pet, a sudden, unanticipated medical emergency is always a possibility. If no one is there to see and deal with the crisis, your best friend will be in serious trouble.

A Home Away From Home for Your Best Friend

Fortunately, veterinary boarding at Lakeview Pet Hospital enables you to cast all those worries aside. Our Oklahoma City veterinarian, Dr. Cramer, can make sure your pet receives any special medical attention he may need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can monitor vital signs, administer medicines with clockwork promptness and accuracy, and even administer any preventative wellness procedures you pre-authorized beforehand. What safer place to stay could any pet have than a compassionate, top-quality veterinary hospital?

But ready access to medical care is only one of the benefits your pet will enjoy at Lakeview Pet Hospital. We make sure your pet has a comfortable enclosure in which to rest and relax, as well as nutritious meals, regular exercise and playtime, and (of course) lots of caring attention from his second family here at our Oklahoma City clinic. When you know your pet is healthy and happy, you’ll be healthier and happier too, because you’ll feel free to focus on your trip objectives without anxiety.

Schedule Your Pet’s Boarding Stay at Lakeview Pet Hospital

Don’t put off scheduling your pet’s boarding stay. Busy travel seasons can cause us to fill up quickly, so making your reservation in advance is a smart move, especially if your pet needs vaccinations or other care beforehand. Call 405-848-2483 today!