Once you’ve discovered Lakeview Pet Hospital, you’ll never need any other source for your pet’s primary care. We take pride in offering a wide range of veterinary services to keep Oklahoma City pets healthy. These services include:

Spay Surgery

Spay surgery is the removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes from a female animal. We highly recommend this procedure during your pet’s first year of life, not only for pregnancy prevention but also as a means of eliminating or vastly reducing a number of health threats, including reproductive cancers.

Neuter Surgery

Neuter surgery is castration, the removal of the testes from a male animal. This quick, simple surgery provides the same kinds of benefits for male pets that spay surgery provides for female pets.

Dental Care

Trust your pet’s dental care needs to our Oklahoma City veterinary experts. We can administer regular dental and oral exams that let us catch diseases and disorders early. We also provide teeth cleaning to protect against gum disease and a variety of dental treatments, including surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery

Our experienced veterinary team can perform orthopedic surgery to address ruptured knee ligaments, hip dysplasia, severe arthritis and other painful joint conditions. We can also set complex fractures surgically.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Pets sometimes need surgery to remove suspicious lumps or repair various soft tissue problems. We perform these procedures with our typical attention to detail, from monitoring your pet’s anesthesia to advising you on post-operative home care.

Internal Medicine

When your pet is sick, Lakeview Pet Hospital is where he needs to be. We can treat infectious diseases, internal organ dysfunction, systemic disorders, digestive or urinary problems and much more.


Veterinary boarding is a smart way to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy while you are parted from him. We will provide your pet with regular meals, playtime, affection and access to your regular Oklahoma City veterinarian for any medical needs that come up.


Grooming provides both cosmetic and wellness benefits. Our vet team can provide cleansing baths, trim overgrown toenails, express anal glands and remove painful clumps of matted hair.


We can implant a tiny microchip under your pet’s skin simply by injecting it with a syringe. This device can transmit a unique ID number that helps animal workers connect otherwise-unidentified animals with their owners.


Vaccinations (and the booster shots that keep them potent) are a critical wellness procedure that can protect your pet against deadly diseases. In addition to core vaccinations aimed at the most common disease threats, our vet center can also provide other situation-specific vaccinations for at-risk animals.

Experience Top-Quality Services From a Top-Quality Veterinarian

Each veterinarian on our Lakeview Pet Hospital team is ready to provide your furry friends with the health and wellness services they need. Call 405-848-2483 today to schedule any necessary veterinary services!