Client Service Representatives (CSRs)

Bobbie – Lead CSR/Inventory Manager

Bobbie joined our Lakeview team in 2018. She has a background in customer service and retail with 7 years of experience. Bobbie and her husband, Daniel, have a son named Parker, and they lovingly share their home with a dog name Pixel and cat named Chips, who she adopted from Lakeview. She enjoys family gatherings and spends her free time crafting.


Hannah grew up on a farm in Arcadia, raising rabbits, goats, chicken, deer, cats, and dogs. She received her degree of Fashion Marketing from UCO but felt a calling to care for people and pets and has been in the veterinary field since 2017. Hannah and her boyfriend, Dustin, have four kitties named Memow, Kitten, Biscuits and Gravy. She enjoys concerts, working in her garden and is a fantastic artist.


Kassie is an OK native from Tulsa and has always had a special love for helping animals. She has a background as a legal assistant, but truly enjoys connecting with people and pets. She shares her home with her children, Lahna, Taegan and Baer, and red heeler named Mipha. Kassie enjoys going to the dog park, baking, outdoor activities, and skateboarding.

Veterinary Technicians/Assistants and Kennel Assistants

Stacey – Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) / Operational Lead

Stacey is an Oklahoma native from Yukon. She found her passion for veterinary medicine after rescuing a kitten and nursing it to health. Stacey graduated OSU-OKC in 2016 with her Associate Veterinary Technology and is credentialed as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She enjoys preventative medicine, dentistry, surgery and emergency medicine. Stacey has three yorkies (Joey, Penny & Cash), and two cats (Benji and Theon/Reek…who she adopted from Lakeview!). She enjoys spending time with friends & family, watching Netflix and Master chef and cheering for the OU Sooners.

Jessica – Veterinary Technician / Lead Vet Tech

Jessica is an Oklahoma native and grew up watching her parents in their medical careers and applied that to her love of helping and taking care of animals. She has been working in the veterinary industry since 2013 and is presently pursuing her degree in veterinary technology through San Juan College to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Jessica and her husband, Russ, have two kids, Chrisopher and Piper, and an Alaskan Malamute named Loki. She and her family enjoy the outdoors, hiking, mountain biking and 3D printing.

Darby – Certified/Registered Veterinary Technician (CVT/RVT)

Darby grew up in central Arkansas and discovered her calling to the veterinary industry while touring colleges. She graduated from Arkansas State University in 2016 with her Associates in Veterinary Technology as a Certified Veterinary Technician. She earned her Registered Veterinary Technician credentials in 2021 through passing the veterinary board in Oklahoma. She enjoys veterinary medicine, especially being an advocate and voice for the animals she’s helping. Darby and her son, Ayden, have a dog, Tonks, and cat Binx and they enjoy going to the park, zoo trips, spending time with family and the outdoors.

Braden – Veterinary Assistant

Braden is from Choctaw, OK and graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He is presently attending Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine (GO POKES!) in his pursuit to become a small and exotic animal veterinarian. He has two dogs, Milk and Kendrick, and a ball python snake named Melly. Braden enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, and hanging out with his friends and family.

Maisie – Veterinary Assistant

Maisie is from Southern California and was inspired to pursue veterinary medicine since the 8th grade when she and her mom nursed their family dog back to health after it was attacked by coyotes. Maisie received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from California State University-San Bernardino in 2020 and is applying to vet schools in 2022. Maisie would love to practice Equine or Aquatic medicine. She shares her home with Indie (dog), Skunk (cat) and fish (Reggie & DC). Maisie enjoys bird watching, hiking and painting

Kaitlin – Veterinary Assistant

Kaitlin hails from Enid, OK and has been growing in the veterinary field the past few years, working as a Kennel Assistant, Dog Trainer and now Veterinary Assistant. She enjoys helping animals rehabilitate following surgery and learning more about diseases and treating them. Kaitlin received an Associates in Biology from Northern Oklahoma College in 2015 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Sports Science from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 2017. She hopes to continue her veterinary education and pursue becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician. Kaitlin has five dogs, Reyna, Sadie, Olive, Emitt and Ellie. She enjoys spoiling her niece Aurora, watching movies and spending time outdoors.


Janice – Groomer

Janice is our expert groomer at Lakeview, and the first Fear Free Certified Groomer in Oklahoma! She joined our team in 2016 and has more than 30 years of grooming experience, and 26 years of working in veterinary clinics. Her vast array of knowledge of animal health and coat care, paired with her extensive skills through experiences, will provide your pets the absolute best care. Janice and her fiancé, Terry, have two dogs, Thor and Blueberry. She enjoys family time, music entertainment and socializing at work.


Alicia – Practice Manager

Alicia is Dr. Cramer’s wife and Practice Manager of Lakeview Pet Hospital. She and Dr. Cramer are proud parents to Rhett and Anistyn, who you may recognize on our Lakeview Team videos. Alicia joined the Lakeview team after serving as a Pilot in the Air Force for 15 years, both as Active Duty and Air Force Reserve. She is now working in the Reserves part-time as a recruiter for The United States Air Force Academy and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps accession programs. The Cramer family currently serves two spoiled kitties named Aero and Dakota, and has also adopted Guinevere and her kittens, Gelatinous Cube (GQ), Caresy and Princess Anna from Lakeview. Alicia enjoys spending time with family, flying, traveling, crafting and her faith.