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Lakeview Pet Hospital Can Protect Your Pet From Parasites

When you think of unwanted guests inhabiting your dog or cat, you're most likely envisioning flea and tick infestations. While these external parasites can indeed cause serious problems and need to be dealt with, they're not the invaders you need to worry about. Heartworm and other internal parasitic infestations can have devastating effects on your beloved pet's health. But these creatures can be dealt with as well -- and we're happy to provide those services here at Lakeview Pet Hospital.

heartworm and parasite prevention from your veterinarian in oklahoma city

Heartworm and Beyond: The World of Internal Parasites

Heartworm is a dreaded problem in pets, and rightly so. These parasites begin as mosquito-injected larvae that then grow into long, skinny worms inside your pet's heart and lungs. Heartworms may live and reproduce for years in an animal. Dogs typically lose stamina, develop respiratory problems, and lose their appetites as the worms cause cardiopulmonary failure. Cats generally host only a few heartworms at a time, but they can die from the immune reactions triggered by these worms’ death inside their bodies.

Other internal parasites can also wreck your pet's health. Roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms can hijack your pet's digestive system to steal vital nutrients; in the process, they cause severe gastrointestinal illness and possible death. Tapeworms are another type of digestive worm than can encourage malnutrition and weight loss in your pet; these worms may be introduced through flea bites.

 Getting Help at Our Oklahoma City Veterinary Clinic

The best way to protect your pet against hookworms and other worms is by preventing them from gaining a foothold in the first place -- and our Oklahoma City veterinary clinic can help. Our veterinarian, Dr. Cramer, routinely de-worms puppies and kittens who may have "inherited" parasites from their mothers. we can then put your de-wormed pet on a preventative regimen, with monthly medications that protect your pet from heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms.

If your pet is struggling with a parasitic infestation, bring him to our veterinary clinic for immediate treatment. We can keep your pet hydrated while administering medications to kill digestive worms. If your dog has heartworm, we may need to resort to a lengthy treatment process to rid him of the adult worms and kill off any larvae. Cats' sadly, cannot tolerate this treatment -- another good reason to put prevention first!

Schedule Anti-Parasite Services From Our Veterinarian Today

Heartworm and other parasites have no place in the life and health of your best friend. Take action right now to protect him against these dangerous invaders by calling Lakeview Pet Hospital at 405-848-2483 for parasite prevention or treatment!