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Posted on 01-04-2018

What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Flea and Tick Prevention

         tick and flea prevention

Here at Lakeview Pet Hospital, we know that fleas and ticks are problematic for your cats and dogs. But you may not know why they are problematic, how problematic they can be and what your options are for dealing with them. As a pet owner, here is what you need to know about flea and tick prevention. 

Why It's Important to Keep Fleas and Ticks Off Your Pets

There are many different reasons why it is important to keep fleas and ticks off of your pet. First, fleas and ticks can carry germs and diseases that can make your pet sick or make you sick. When your pet is infested, they may also carry these pets inside of your home and infest your home with them. Lastly, flea bites are itchy. They can make your pet uncomfortable and lead to your pet having bald spots, chewing their fur or ripping their hair out. 

Different Flea and Tick Prevention Methods

When it comes to flea and tick prevention methods, you have many to select from. You can select from oral pills, medicated collars, sprays and spot treatments. What works for one pet may not work as well for another. In some cases, you may have to try different medications and methods to find the flea and tick prevention method that works best for your pet. 

How a Veterinarian Can Help Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Your Pet

If your pet already has fleas or ticks, a vet can treat them with a medicated flea bath and stronger medications to kill the infestation. From there, a prescription prevention method can be prescribed to help keep the pests at bay in the future. A vet can help you pick the best control methods for your pet based on your pet's age, weight, health and how frequently they go outdoors. 

Looking to Prevent Fleas on Your Pet? Turn to Lakeview Pet Hospital

Does your pet have fleas or ticks already on them? Or are you looking for a veterinary clinic that can help you to prevent them? Turn to Lakeview Pet Hospital for your entire flea and tick needs. Call us at (405) 848-2483 to schedule an appointment for your pet today. 

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