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Posted on 07-10-2017

Benefits to Spay Your Pet

Our Oklahoma City veterinary clinic performs spay and neuter surgery. While you should spay your cat or dog if you do not want litters, there are many other benefits to this procedure. Explore all the benefits of getting your cat or dog spayed. 

Pet Spaying

What are the Benefits of Spaying a Cat? 

Female cats who are spayed lose their ovaries and uterus, which makes them unable to bear kittens. Spay surgeries are safe when performed by our qualified veterinarian. We recommend spaying cats when they have reached the age of 5 months, although younger kittens can be spayed.

Every summer, the cat population increases as cats that are not spayed, mate and have litters. Animal shelters become crowded beyond capacity, and many kittens are euthanized because there are not enough homes. If you care about animals, getting your pet spayed reduces the overpopulation and saves lives. 

Cats are significantly less likely to develop uterine and mammary cancers when they are spayed, so your pet will live a longer and healthier life. Spaying also prevents a female cat from entering the heat cycle. Since females in heat yowl to attract male attention, it can be quite disruptive to you when your pet is in heat. 

What are the Benefits of Spaying a Dog? 

Spaying female dogs also prevent overpopulation and crowding of animal shelters. Stray dogs can become a public nuisance, so spaying protects your community. 

As with cats, there are many health benefits that come with spaying a pet. Dogs are less likely to get breast or uterine cancer when they are spayed. Female dogs will skip their heat cycles and the marking and vocalizing that go with heat. 

Schedule an Appointment with Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian 

With both dogs and cats, the benefits of the surgery far outweigh the cost of not spaying your pet. Our Oklahoma City veterinarian is accepting new patients now. If you have a new pet you'd like spayed, or if there is anything else you need, do not hesitate to contact us. Call 405-848-2483 to reserve your appointment at our veterinary clinic. 


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