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Posted on 08-24-2017

Pet Neutering Benefits From Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian

Are you wondering whether or not to take your male cat or dog for a neuter? Wonder no more. Our veterinarian here at Lakeview Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City tells why neutering is incredibly beneficial for your pet.

Pet Neutering

Neuter Health Benefits

During a neuter surgery, the veterinarian removes the male’s testicles. As a result, the number one health benefit is that your cat or dog is forever protected from testicular cancer. Neutering also reduces the likelihood of some prostate problems.

Behavioral Benefits

A neutered cat or dog is like a different animal – for the better! Your male is more likely turn into a homebody and much less likely to seek a willing female partner. Plus, his curtailed roaming behaviors save him from potential injury from crossing streets and getting into fights with other animals.

Male cat spraying and male dog marking are two obnoxious behaviors that wreak havoc in a household with odors and stains. These behaviors are drastically reduced or eliminated after our veterinary performs neuter surgery.

Embarrassed by a pet that tries to mount everything in sight? This behavior is also decreased after surgery.

Un-neutered pets can be aggressive with other animals and humans. Once your pet’s hormones are removed, these dangerous behaviors lessen and your pet’s personality is likely to change to be much more agreeable.

Cost Benefits

A neutered male pet is automatically a cost-saving dog or cat. The health benefits prevent future visits to the veterinary for cancer and other issues. The behavior benefits prevent actions that can also result in future veterinarian bills.

Benefit the Greater Good

Animal shelters are overrun and rescue groups beyond capacity because of so many unwanted pets. Neutering your pet plays a big part in stopping the number of unplanned litters and homeless pets.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian Today

Our veterinary clinic, one of the few AAHA accredited facilities in Oklahoma City, welcomes you and your pet. Call us today at 405-848-2483 to make an appointment to get your pet neutered.

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