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Neutering Services From Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian

Posted on 08-24-2017

Are you wondering whether or not to take your male cat or dog for a neuter? Wonder no more. Our veterinarian here at Lakeview Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City tells why neutering is incredibly benefi...

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What are the Benefits of Spaying?

Posted on 07-10-2017

Our Oklahoma City veterinary clinic performs spay and neuter surgery. While you should spay your cat or dog if you do not want litters, there are many other benefits to this procedure. Explore all...

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Pet Surgery FAQ

Posted on 06-22-2017

Many pet owners dread it when pet surgery is necessary for their beloved companion. At Lakeview Pet Hospital, we have been providing animal care including surgeries ranging from simple to...

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Our Veterinarian in Oklahoma City!

Posted on 05-22-2017

When your pet needs care, no matter what type of care, you need a veterinarian you can trust. Lakeview Pet Hospital is the professional veterinarian service you can count on. Our veterinarian ...

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